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The real estate professionals of Heights Realty & Investments, LLC strive to provide an exceptional experience for our clients. We assist buyers in finding and developing property in the path of growth to support Florida's rapidly growing population. Having experienced representation that can navigate the complexities of real estate transactions is vital to the success of our clients. Beyond an ongoing, trusted, professional relationship, our real estate experts provide: Superior prospective development sites.
Detailed due diligence.
Attractive terms and conditions in negotiations.
News on local government planning meetings.
Seller Financing experts.

What We do
Heights Realty & Inestments, LLC strongly believes in the power of information. We take full advantage of a dedicated research team that identify areas with high growth potential and quality properties within those areas. From studying population migration trends to attending local government meetings, we stay actively involved on the frontline of information. In order to to preserve the natural beauty and unique ecosystems that comprise the state of Florida, we take pride in the care we take to identify properties that are best suited for development avoiding environmentally sensitive land.

Before considering a property we apply wetland, floodplain, elevation, and soil type overlays to the area using cutting edge mapping software. We then ensure the property is void of the presence of endagered species and hazardous materials.

Heights Realty & Investments, LLC is committed to preserving Florida's natural beauty for generations to come.

Company Profile
In real estate, “money is made on the buy and collected on the sell."

The professionals at Heights Realty & Investments, LLC will help you find that needle in the haystack!

Tracking and understanding future projects and their impacted areas:

New Approved Communities.
Land Use Changes.
Road Expansions.
Utility Expansions.
New Commercial Projects.
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